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Dynamic, Diverse Internships

Internships are crucial elements of the curriculum and can occur anywhere from construction sites to engineering consulting firms or through language-learning trips. They represent more than a third of a student’s time, nearly a year spent in real-world experiences.

4 weeks
end of 1st year
Language-Learning Trip
8 + 4 weeks
end of 2nd year
Site Management
12 weeks
end of  3rd year
Engineering and Design
8 weeks
end of  4th year
Final Project
20 weeks
second half of 5th year

* minimum

Worker Internship

After hands-on training at a public works apprenticeship centre and instruction on safe handling of heavy equipment, students spend a minimum of 4 weeks as an on-site worker.

Language-Learning Trip
Students are required to spend time in an Anglophone country.  They must work for 6 out of 8 weeks or 8 out of 12 weeks of their trip.

Site Management Internship
This 3-month internship is the student’s first supervisory role.  It takes place at the construction site and allows the student to gradually assume the duties of a site manager.

Engineering and Design Internship
Under the supervision of the head of the engineering and design department of a company or an inspection agency, the intern must perform or verify a calculation for a complex design problem.  The intern thereby tests his technical knowledge in the context of a real-world situation. 

Final Project
In the last stage of the curriculum, students undertake a project that launches them into the real world.
These innovative, 5- to 6-month projects are of wide scope and have strict requirements. Students are entrusted with real responsibilities and perform a valuable service for companies.  In the majority of cases, the Final Project opens the doors of a company for the future graduate.
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In addition to internships in the various areas of civil engineering, students participate in a language-learning trip over the course of which they improve their English language skills and develop their understanding of another culture.
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