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Student Life

ESITC Caen: 4th in the Figaro ranking

Published on 05/07/20

ESITC Caen obtains 4th place in the "engineering school" category where students are happiest

Happiness at school

ESITC Caen is ranked 4th among the best schools and universities according to our newly graduated students.

ESITC Caen was awarded the HappyAtSchool label by ChooseMyCompany.

2 schools in Caen are thus in the TOP TOP of engineering schools where students are the HAPPY with ENSICAEN

Criteria evaluated by students

4 criteria were evaluated:

Facilities and Environment
Teaching and Pedagogy
Student Life
Corporate Relations
Confidence in the future
The happiness and well-being of our .es students is a priority!

A student who is fulfilled in his or her work environment can only invest in his or her higher education! 




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