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One of the strengths of this demanding course, which is adapted to the needs of companies, is that it implements the acquisition of skills in a very concrete manner, through numerous internships and concrete projects.

Internship, learning through experience

From work placements to design office placements, including international placements, placements are a key element of the curriculum. They represent more than a third of the training time, more than a year spent in a company (15 months minimum).

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Projects, learning by doing

Experimental, technical or management projects, student-engineers are confronted with the reality and requirements of the professional world: autonomy, initiative, innovation, work behaviour, sociability, compliance with specifications, etc. The projects are spread throughout the curriculum in a progressive manner and intensify in the 4th year. Here are two examples:

The multidisciplinary project

This project, based on a real situation, is carried out in the 3rd year of the engineering cycle and takes the form of a game of actors in an international context. The students, organised in multidisciplinary teams, have to respond to the request of a client (teachers-professionals). Over a period of several months, there are successive phases of studies, tests, meetings with clients and proposals.... The students must demonstrate adaptability, responsiveness and pragmatism while providing innovative and realistic technical and organisational solutions.

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