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2017 - 2022: European cross-border project for the development of 3D-printed artificial concrete reefs

The aim of the 3DPARE project is to develop innovative artificial reefs to promote marine biodiversity in the Atlantic Arc.

Compared to artificial reefs immersed in European countries bordering the Atlantic Ocean, whose design and structure are created using conventional construction materials such as concrete and steel, the solutions proposed here will be environmentally friendly, sustainable and adapted to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services in the marine environment. 

The lines of work are as follows:

  • Assessment of natural and artificial reefs on the Atlantic coast of Europe
  • Development of sustainable materials used in artificial reefs
  • Short and medium-term characterization of the materials developed
  • Life cycle analysis of developed materials
  • Design and numerical simulation of artificial reefs in 3D
  • 3D printing of pilot artificial reefs
  • Evaluation of the bio-receptivity of pilot 3D artificial reefs and multi-criteria analysis
  • Communication, capitalization and dissemination of results.

This project, with a total budget of €1.9 million, is 69% co-financed by the Interreg Atlantic Arc.






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