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ESITC Caen is concerned about the world around us and since its creation has adopted a voluntary approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

This continuous improvement approach integrates social, environmental and economic concerns into all of the school's activities: governance, training, research, environmental management, social policy and territorial anchoring.

ESITC Caen signs the Diversity Charter

We are convinced that diversity is an asset for our society. This is why ESITC Caen has signed the Diversity Charter.

This commitment is illustrated by the following actions:

  • Promoting access to our training courses on the principle of equal opportunity,
  • Fight against discrimination,
  • Transmit values of solidarity,
  • Communicate and raise awareness (training, screen, website...),
  • Improve and innovate in terms of HR approaches (recruitment, training, etc.)

More info at: https://www.charte-diversite.com/


Professional equality between women and men 

While the principle of "equal pay for equal work" is enshrined in law, women's pay is still on average 9% lower than men's. The law also stipulates that women's pay must be equal to that of men. 
The Law for the Freedom to Choose One's Professional Future places an obligation on companies to achieve results. It created the Gender Equality Index.
The Gender Equality Index is composed of 5 main criteria (the gender pay gap, the gender pay gap for individual increases, the gender pay gap for promotions, the number of female employees who receive a salary increase after returning from maternity leave, parity among the 10 highest paid employees) which assess the inequalities between women and men in companies in the form of a score out of 100.
Corrective measures will have to be implemented if the index is below 75 points out of 100.


index égalité hommes femmes esitc caen


Train responsible engineers

CSR is more than a discipline. It is a skill that cuts across all the professions of the civil engineer. Ethics, training in a sustainable approach and responsible management are an integral part of ESITC Caen's training programmes.


Innovating for Tomorrow

The research work of ESITC Caen's laboratory on sustainable construction and eco-materials benefits construction companies.

This expertise also benefits students, who can take courses on cutting-edge subjects:

  • Energy optimisation of buildings
  • Architecture and bio-climatic urban planning 
  • Environmental approach applied to road works
  • Recycling and reuse of building materials
  • On and offshore wind turbines


Acting together 

The city of Caen, the Crous Normandie, the University of Caen Normandie, EM Normandie, ESITC Caen, the Caen/Cherbourg ESAM, ENSICAEN and the FCBN - Fédération Campus Basse-Normandie "act together" for the environment.

Because global warming and the depletion of natural resources are everyone's business, all of these Normandy institutions - institutions, local authorities and student federation - have initiated a local collective initiative for students. Through their action plan, they aim to change their actions and daily practices to increase the effectiveness of sustainable development policies on campus and contribute to the image of a responsible territory.

This dynamic has led to the national label "Agir ensemble" (Acting together), created on 23 October 2019 to enhance and increase the visibility of local collective initiatives mobilising users.

La QHSE vue par l'ESITC Caen

Consulter les documents de l'ESITC Caen sur la RSE

Engagement RSE - Nouvelle étape : Labellisation régionale E3D

L’ESITC Caen formalise sa démarche Développement Durable en s’appuyant sur le programme E3D, soutenu par la Région Normandie en faveur de l’Enseignement et de la Responsabilité Sociétale et Environnementale.

Depuis octobre 2020, dans le cadre de la stratégie de l’école et à la demande de sa gouvernance, le Comité de Pilotage DD RS a effectué un large diagnostic des engagements DD RS de l’école dans la Recherche, l’enseignement, l’environnement, la politique sociale

Ce travail a été reconnu par la labellisation E3D (niveau 1), les niveaux suivants sont accessibles, année après année en 2022 et 2023.

Cette formalisation va permettre de réaliser l’auto-évaluation de l’école dans le programme CIRCES regroupant les écoles et Universités de l’Enseignement Supérieur, les plus engagées dans le DD RS et obtenir sa labellisation par ses pairs.


ESITC Caen - E3D


Nos actions en images

Un espace collectif pour cultiver fruits et légumes

Un espace collectif pour cultiver fruits et légumes

Des ruches installées sur le toit de l'école

Des ruches installées sur le toit de l'école

Bacs de tris près d ela K-fet des élèves

Bacs de tris près d ela K-fet des élèves

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